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Have a look at the answers to your quiz questions – how many did you get?! Consider yourself an expert if you got more than 50%- and in that case WELL DONE!

We certainly do not wish to curb your enthusiasm, but can we kindly ask that you DO NOT share these answers so that the others can take on the challenge and enjoy the fun

1.    How many producing Wine Cellars are there in Darling?                                         

4  – Darling Cellars, Cloof, Groote Post, Ormonde


2.   Name two leading producers with cellars outside Darling who have vineyards in Darling. 

Charles Back and Neil Ellis

3.   How many different wine varietals are grown in the Darling Region

33 -Have a look at this table Vineyards Darling Region 2019

4.   Which one of these wines does not come from Darling  – Salt of the Earth, Drie Papenfontein, Lime Kilns, Axle, Ondine, Lekkerbly, Roan Ranger, Crucible.


5.   What is the average rainfall for the Darling region ?   450mm,  600mm,  750mm 

(450mm) – 23 years average

6.   What percentage of Darling vineyard is dry-land (un-irrigated).   


7.     Warm days and cool nights are essential to have great fruit.  So while we need nice warm days for optimal ripeness, we need that chilly Atlantic breeze in the evening to cool the vines for a good night’s sleep.  What would you guess is the temperature differential at harvest in mid-February  –   10⁰ ,  12⁰ , 16⁰,  or 18 


8.   Darling is not known for Pinotage, yet a Darling Pinotage recently scooped a Trophy at one of the leading SA wine Shows. Who was the producer.  


9.     A Darling producer romped home at the 2020 Swartland Young Wine Show: Best rare varietal; Best red Blend, Best wooded red, Best wine on Show – who was it. 

Darling Cellars


10.  From where would you be able to purchase the widest range of Darling wines in the world?

The Darling Wine Shop

11.  Which 2 of the following represent the Spirits of Darling

 Darlington Gin & Voorkamer Potstill Cape Brandy

12.   There is a memorial plaque for a well-known South African businessman and wine grower, located in the vineyard above Darling village.  His family still have vineyards here. Who?

Antonij Rupert

On the top of the hill in the vineyard of Charles Back




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