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When we say we have VERY limited stocks of these wines , in most cases it is less than a dozen bottles, in some cases we only have 2 bottles!  So we have to limit one bottle of wine per customer, and that on a first come first served basis.


  • 2015 was one of the best ever vintages of the Sir Charles Henry Darling, and the last one sporting the “old” livery, which almost takes it into the class of collectibles.


  • 2009 was another great vintage in SA  wines and this Glenelly Grand Vin is one of the gems from my “Not Darling but dear to me” selection.




  • 2014 Terra De Bron Semillon –  A limited release from a very special block of vines from Charles Back’s Darling Vineyard and a wine that Tim Atkins adjudged as one of the best he has ever tasted out of Darling.


  • 2014 Cloof Crucible –  Only made in exceptional vintages (the last one prior to this was 2006!) and not being available in general retail, makes it something of a rarity.


  • 2015 Groote Post Sea Salter –  Another maiden vintage and one that hit the ground running and then just ran out the door.


  • 2016 Bloemcool Di’tjie –   Only Charles Back could come up with this – surely the most limited bottling of a wine in South Africa.  Only 185 bottles of this wine were ever made and we received 12.  We have ONE left!